Meetings are held every Monday night at 7:00 pm at the Fire Hall. We need residents to support our community efforts. Please attend a meeting to learn about the many ways you can assist in our efforts.

Board of Supervisors Meetings are held at the Twp. Office

3959 Main Street, Conestoga, PA 17516 @ 7:00 pm

The last day to submit items for consideration by the Chairman for the April BOS Agenda is

March 24, 2023.

BOS Meeting Dates 2023

Tuesday, January 3

Tuesday, February 7

Tuesday, March 7

Tuesday, April 4

Tuesday, May 2

Tuesday, June 6

Tuesday, July 5

Tuesday, August 1

Tuesday, September 5

Tuesday, October 3

Tuesday, November 8

Tuesday, December 5

2023 Twp Fee Schedule

2022 Twp Fee Schedule

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